Hunger Walk

On Memorial Day, the Open Door Ministry will again participate in the 
Freestore Hunger Walk. 
Please join us!

This generous support gives us credit at the Freestore Foodbank to buy the food we need to pack in our food bags.    

This event helps raise funds to buy food for our expected increase in need over the summer. Hunger doesn’t take a summer break when thousands of needy schoolchildren are home from June until August. The need for extra food for parents and their children is growing and summer is their leanest season. More and more low income families are now described as “food insecure”.

We receive 100% of these donations to buy food, at a discounted rate, at the Freestore Foodbank. If you prefer, a donation can be sent to Open Door at 2366 Kemper Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45206. Any amount will be a help!!

Click Here To Donate

·       Click on the Teams tab at the top of the page: a list of participating teams will appear

·       Scroll down and click “Open Door Ministries” to open our Team page 

·       Click the “Make a Donation” button and complete the forms

Thank you for your help and support!

Evie Foulkes

Open Door is part of the Freestore Hunger Walk every Memorial day at Sawyer Point. This event helps 
raise funding for our food pantry .

During that time, you can help us by either walking with us or donating to Freestore Foodbank and 
designating Open Door to receive the funds. 

We buy all our pantry food from the Freestore Foodbank and 
these funds will help us pack food for a lot of families