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December 2016 Newsletter 

This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.  Ps. 118:24 

We are so very grateful that Open Door continues to meet the needs of the people and we rejoice.  There have been many changes of late here at the Open Door: Evie Foulkes and Nancy McFadden retired after many years of dedication to the cause.  JoAnn McIntosh and Jon Perry started during the summer.  Things are changing but not the reason that we do what we do.  JoAnn comes to Open Door with 20 years of working with homeless and low income individuals and families in the Hamilton County and Northern KY area.  JoAnn is a Licensed Social Worker.  Jon has over 20 years’ experience in management. 

The goal is to update the facility, technology and programs.  The welcoming spirit and love will remain the same and the Open Door will always be open to the community who needs us.  

What We Do:

Open Door is a ministry that has been in existence for 40 plus years serving the community of Walnut Hills and beyond.  The ministry was started because members of the Church of the Advent saw a need that they were willing to fill.  The ministry provides donuts and coffee every morning, Monday through Friday at 9:30. We provide a hot meal Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:30.  Every day we have approximately 60 to 70 individuals that come in for the food, fellowship and other assistance. 

Also we provide emergency food assistance to the families and individuals that live in the 45206, 45207, 45219, 45229 and 45212 areas.  We are open from 9:30 to 12:00 daily for food assistance.  Clients may be assisted once a month, and we serve approximately 15 per day.  Open Door and Lakeside Presbyterian church from Lakeside Park, KY work together on the third Saturday of the month and provide a food give away for those who cannot come in through the week. 

Additionally, we manage Social Security funds for clients that would otherwise end up homeless and lost on the streets or in the multiple shelters in the Cincinnati area.  As a Representative Payee Program we receive the clients Social Security Income (SSI), Social Security (SS), or the Residential State Supplement (RSS) checks and we make sure that the client has a case manager who works with them on their mental health issues or other disabilities that they may have.   We pay their bills out of their accounts and then give them spending money.  We not only pay their bills but we listen to their needs and hurts and a bond has occurred over the years that is only developed through trust.  We currently serve 60 individuals in the Payee Program and hope to grow this program in 2017.

 We collaborate with the Parish Nurses that will come on site one day a week to check the basic medical issues of the client.  We also collaborate with the Free Store Food Bank and their Ohio Benefit Bank.  They come on site to register individuals for food stamps and or other governmental programs.  We work with community residents who come in and volunteer with us to serve their community. We also have two community schools, St Ursula and Seven Hills, who provide volunteer hours once a month and do a can food drive for us.  We work closely with Greater Cincinnati Behavioral (GCB) of Hamilton County.  Most of our Payee clients have a case manager through GCB.  We manage the finances and GCB works with the individual on their mental health issues.

Client Corner:

I just want to share some things about our clients and how we help them succeed in their day to day life.

One of our long time clients who is a veteran, had a conversation with me and explained that he has been in his current apartment for the past 7 years because of his being in the Payee Program.  As you know the Payee Program receives client Social Security checks and keeps them in a bank account and pays the client bills.  We make sure the rent is paid and any bill that the client gives to us. 

 Seven Hills Student Reaction Papers: 

By Timmy 11/2016

Today we made sandwiches for the Open Door Ministry.  They were for the less fortunate people there.  When I walked in the Open Door, I first saw people outside, waiting for us.  They all had smiling faces and they greeted us cheerfully.  When we went inside, I saw the clients, most of them were talking, eating doughnuts and drinking coffee.  When they saw us, their faces lit up.  They lit up even more when they received their bagged lunches.  This gave me a deep satisfaction that can only be obtained through selfless work like this.

When we left, all the people thanked us and applauded us which told me we had helped people in need.  I got this satisfaction in certain instances like when I gave a lunch to a very cheerful man and he smiled at me.  Also when I was putting extra sandwiches back and an employee said to me, “you’re doing a great thing.”

This entire experience was very fulfilling and worth the preparing and buying food.  In the future, if my family has the time and agrees, we may make or buy something for everyone there to share.  I also appreciate all the other wonderful, selfless people who help there like the employees. 

Building update:

We recently put new floors in the facility.  We would like to thank all the folks at Earl Franks Sons/Daughters for the great job from start to finish.  You do great work and our floors are the talk of our neighborhood.

We hope to do some painting in the near future so that we can have an open house very soon. 

Job Posting: 

We are in need of a Facility Specialist to help with the building maintenance.  Please see our job description and share with your friends and family.  

                                    Request for support:

Christmas is fast upon us and we know that we could not do this ministry alone.  We would like to thank everyone who supports us through financial donations, grants, and those who volunteer for us.  Please consider continuing your help in 2017 and feel free to call JoAnn McIntosh at 513-961-2259 if you want more information or want to visit our facility.

Goals for 2017

Expand the Payee Program from 60 to 100 clients.

Purchase a client database system for the Payee Program

Pursue up to two new funders

Develop a marketing department

Update the facility design

 Wish list

We are always in need of toiletries.  Food stamps only buy food, so we could use help with procuring these items:

Toilet paper


Bar soap



Razors for both men and women

Women’s hygiene products

Diapers of all sizes 

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