Mr. H. is a current payee client who has been with the Open Door since November of 2012.  He has been through various housing situations from a group home that he had a private bedroom.  He then moved into an apartment with a friend.  The friend had to move to California to be with family and Mr. H. decided he could not pay the rent alone in the apartment so he decided to go into the local men’s shelter without talking with Open Door staff.  Sometimes you have to let them make their own choices and help them work through the effects of their decision.  He has been in a shelter for two months.  The shelter helped him get section 8 housing and they helped pay the deposit.  He is responsible to pay 30% of his income as his share of the rent.  His shelter caseworker is hopeful that he will have access to the new unit by the end of October.  He informed us that he thought he could save some money while at the shelter.  

Open Door is blessed to be located in the Walnut Hills community. We are able to help a lot of families and single adults who live in our area or can reach us by bus. Our staff and volunteers make a constant effort to meet people where they are, use our resources, and offer acts of love and kindness.

We have a young woman, Amy, who came to us to volunteer in order to receive food stamps. She came every day to help us serve the community and did many more hours than necessary. After a few months, our food pantry head, Eva, learned about a program in Newport that provided training for individuals to reach self sufficiency.  Eva, therefore, arranged to send her to one of their training programs to become a medical assistant. She goes every day from 8:00 to 4:00 and loves it. She is excited, has gained self confidence, and will be heading into a job after 9 months of hard work. 

 Resources have become an important part of our program. This part of our program touches lives each day to offer hope, dignity and self respect.