Toby Foster: A Heart for the Homeless

Toby FosterOn Wednesday March 28 we had a young visitor come to Open Door to help meet the needs of the homeless.  Toby Foster is a 14-year-old teenager who lives in Lexington.  He comes to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital every Wednesday for treatment for mitochondrial disease (mito).  It is not the disease that makes him special — it is his heart.

On his long rides to Cincinnati with his mom Amy, he noticed the homeless living under local bridges.  He wanted to do something for them and he came up with this idea of feeding them.  He got his family and friends involved with collecting socks, blankets and other things that a homeless person might need.  He packed small backpacks with personal needs items for the homeless.  He also packed 30 to 40 lunches that he helped prepare himself.

Toby connected with Officer Ladon Laney who is District Four’s Neighborhood Liaison.  Officer Laney came to Open Door to let us know what Toby wanted to do.  We were delighted to work with Toby.

Toby has a website called  Please go check it out.

The staff and clients at Open Door had a great day spending time with Toby and Amy.  Thank you Toby and all of your friends and family.Distributing Toby's gifts at Open Door.